My name is Nick Kropat.

I am a passionate 3d professional with 7 years animation experience and a love for all things game. After a number of false-starts I am once again looking for a studio where I can put my talents to work creating great games that people will love to play.

I discovered my love of 3d in 2008 when I stumbled across an old amiga2000 Video Toaster in the AV club of my high school. It had a copy of Lightwave 2.0 installed on it, and after playing with it for 2 hours I instantly knew that 3d was my calling. Originally I wanted to work on feature films, however, after having the great chance to work on a few small film projects I realized it wasn't what I thought it would be, and have since re-focused on my love of games, and real time environments.

Since 2003 I have worked full time for Virtual 3d Inc here in Florida where I quickly was promoted to Lead 3d artist and at one time managed 5 other artists. During that time I also volunteered on a small indie title being created by Earthwave Studios in Germany where I acted as an Environment artist creating the main city in the game. I feel my seriousness about completing tasks on time and with the highest quality, as well as my drive to keep learning and exploring new techniques and my love of working as part of a team would make me a valuable addition to any studio.