The Steam truck has been a long running personal project that I have finally completed (for now). The truck started as a series of sketches that I did in 2008. I wanted to create a truck styled steam locomotive that would function as a trackless land train. After some detailed sketches and a few quick block-models I quickly realized this was going to be a very involved and fun project, and set about packing as much detail as I possibly could into this monster of a truck.

I created all geometry and background elements from scratch in 3ds Max. In total I made 38 tiling map sets and 16 custom map sets, plus custom generated HDRI's for the reflections. The truck is 3,520,763 polys before subdivision (which occurs at render time), and the background is about 1/4 that (without trees and grass). The truck is rigged (all suspension elements function properly) and the entire interior is built out.

The truck itself is 100' long, 25' tall and 31' wide. It is operated by a 3 man team (driver, engineer and spotter) and is designed to tow 8 150' trailers filled with ore from a mine to a processing facility at high speeds.

This model was recently awarded a Daily Deviation at, and is the mascot for